Update 1.1

Disaster Deli Update 1.1

This update is all about bug fixes. 

-fixed bug where the game would remain paused when navigating to the main menu from the pause menu

-fixed bug where ingredients were not falling out of the right-most pipe

-a few other smaller bugs

Itch.io blocks links from a game to an outside site. So links to share the game on social media, and the links to Noah's and Will's profiles in the credits section have been disabled when playing the game through the web-player. There is a message pop-up explaining this in game if anyone clicks these without realizing they are disabled. This needed to be disabled, since Itch's implementation to block links causes a hard crash, previously requiring a refresh of the page. This functionality is still in the downloaded version on PC/Mac.


DisasterDeli_Web_1.1.zip Play in browser
Dec 27, 2017
DisasterDeli_PC_1.1.zip 15 MB
Dec 27, 2017
DisasterDeli_Mac_1.1.zip 19 MB
Dec 27, 2017

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